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Citrus Body Polish

Your skin deserves love and care and gentle exfoliation every now and then! Our Citrus Body Polish leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The fine apricot seed powder gently removes the dead skin cells while safflower seed oil moisturizes, and botanical blends nourish the skin. We finish with a massage application of nourishing orange/patchouli/ylang-ylang lotion. Your skin will feel silky smooth, hydrated, and look vibrant!


This citrus body polish makes your skin look fresh and gives you a flawless, radiant look that promotes overall wellbeing!

What to expect from Citrus Body Polish at Bodhi Massage:

These are the outcomes you can expect from a citrus body polish.

●        Exfoliation:

Our technician will gently apply an exfoliation mixture, making sure you are comfortable throughout, slowly massaging and clearing out the dead skin. Exfoliation helps to fight cellulite and scars and improve skin tone.


●        Rinse:

Once you get a thorough exfoliation, all the damaged/dead skin cells and the abrasive grains get rinsed off with warm towels.


●        Moisturization:

A rich, hydrating body lotion will then be applied to lock in the moisture. This encourages suppleness and the longest possible results from your spa treatment.

Citrus Body Polish Benefits: 

A full citrus body polish service is indulgent and provides exceptional benefits for your body.


  1. Promotes cell growth:

The exfoliation of your skin through the techniques of body polishing can remove the dirt accumulated in the pores and stimulate the growth of new cells to encourage healthy skin.


2. Improves circulation:

Body polishing with exfoliation can help the skin slough off dead cells and bring about glowing, radiant skin. It is especially beneficial for those who often feel tired or stressed because of their fast-paced lifestyle. It promotes healthy blood flow that helps you stay relaxed and energetic throughout the day.


 3. Rejuvenation:

In addition to helping the body remove dead skin cells and regulate blood flow, body polish will hydrate your skin and help improve your epidermis' overall health. The process also causes new skin growth and blemish-busting collagen. An entire body treatment will leave you with a silky smooth glow from head to toe, improving the overall tone of your skin and giving it a more youthful appearance.

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How to Prepare for Your Citrus Body Polish:

●        Avoid exfoliation, as it can damage sensitive skin.

●        If you are suffering from any medical condition, there is the possibility that a body polishing treatment could exacerbate your existing symptoms. Please make your massage therapist aware of any existing conditions you may have.

●        If you have any adverse reactions to fragrances, oils, or any specific substances, it is always better to know the ingredients beforehand.

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