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Relaxing Massage

Couples Massage

Refresh Together

When it comes to supporting each other in regular self-care, what could be better than a shared experience that involves mutual support and rejuvenation? At Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center, we make it easy for you and your partner to enjoy the calming
benefits of a couples massage.

What to expect from a couples massage?

A couple's massage is offered in a private room with two side-by-side massage tables. The first step is booking your appointment. When you arrive, you and your partner will choose from our complimentary aromatherapy oils to enhance your massage experience. Each guest will meet with their therapist for an initial consultation, during which you can discuss your massage needs and address any questions or concerns you might have. The therapists will leave the room so that you and your partner can disrobe and lie down comfortably on the massage tables under the sheets and blankets.

Couples Massage Benefits:

A couple’s massage is an excellent way for partners to introduce their significant other to the benefits of massage therapy. Some important benefits are:

  • Trying something different.

  • Enjoy a good quality time.

  • Revival

  • Decrease stress and anxiety.

  • Enhancing Bonding

Shoulder Massage
Back Massage


Some of the essential precautions to be followed before/after a couples massage are:


  • Always talk to your therapist before the couples massages to make them awareof any health conditions you may have

  • Stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol before/after the massage session

  • Follow COVID guidelines and wear facemasks.

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