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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage at Bodhi Massage San Diego

Try a hot stone massage for relief from stiff and sore muscles. During this therapy, smooth flat stones made of basalt are used to massage the body.  The heat penetrates into your muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation.

What to expect from a hot stone massage?

After a long and stressful day at work, what better way to unwind than with a massage! Your therapist carefully uses the warm stones to massage the problem areas of the body to release tension.  The warmth allows for deeper penetration and relief.

Benefits of a hot stone massage:

Some of the benefits of having a hot stone massage are:

  • Relieve muscle spasms, pain, tension & improve muscle relaxation.

  • Release of toxins

  • Significantly reduce stress & anxiety

  • Improve blood circulation and flow of energy

  • Promote better sleep.

  • Reduce & manage stress

  • Create a sense of comfort and warmth

Hot stone back massage
Hot Stones Massage


Some of the precautions you need to take before/after a hot stone massage are:

  • You should avoid a hot stone massage if you have any skin inflammation, blood clots, or fractures.


  • You should not get a hot stone massage if you are pregnant.


  •  Do not have a heavy meal before your hot stone massage because this could cause discomfort on the table.


  •  Always tell your therapist about any medical conditions that you have.


  • Avoid vigorous exercise or activities for at least a few hours after your hot stone massage because this could cause dehydration or dizziness, and exhaustion.

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