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This relaxing foot massage activates reflex points that correlate to specific body parts and organs. These points are massaged with thumb pressure, activating the reflexes which can improve circulation, promote relaxation, and improve body functions.

  • 40 Minute $50
  • Add On With Other Service: 15 Minutes $25

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Couples Massage

Relax side by side with that special someone in an elegant treatment room with candlelit hearth. Each person receives a full body custom massage or may upgrade to deep tissue massage for $15 more. Aromatherapy is complimentary with this service, taking your romantic adventure to a new level. Divine!

  • 60 Minute $160
  • 90 Minute $220

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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is more than just for the SMELL of it….essential oils are naturally derived compounds that have profound effects on the body and mind.  Bodhi’s Aromatherapy Massage deepens your customized massage experience with the addition of unique essential oil blends.  Choose from Relaxing, De-Stress, Revitalize, or Clarity.  *Note that you may also add aromatherapy to any of our treatments.

  • 60 Minute $80
  • 90 Minute $110

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Prenatal Massage

Soothing massage for mother to be. Pre-Natal massage helps relieve extra stress and tension that comes from being pregnant improving the health of both mother and child. This service is recommended after the first trimester.

  • 60 Minute $80
  • 90 Minute $110

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to prevent and relieve injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise. As an important part of a regular maintenance program, massage can be utilized pre-event, during training or after playing sports or exercise. Techniques are used to increase endurance and performance as well as minimize the chances of injury. If there is injury, massage is used to reduce the recovery time and can accelerate the healing process, increase range of motion, and reduce adhesion, swelling, bruising, and pain. Each massage is specifically tailored to your individual sporting injuries or ailments with therapies often including heat or ice modalities, specialized corrective techniques, trigger point and deep tissue massage.

  • 60 Minute $85
  • 90 Minute $115

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Bodhi Custom Massage

Treating the person as a whole, this Swedish-style massage is catered specifically to your particular needs. Talk with your massage therapist to determine your goals for the session or areas of focus. Utilizing the techniques of Swedish massage, stress will melt away and deep relaxation with encompass you.

  • 60 Minute $70
  • 90 Minute $100
  • Enhance your experience with therapeutic Aromatherapy for just $10

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Deep Tissue Massage

To really work deeper muscle layers and focus on specific issues, deep tissue is the choice service. Utilizing a variety of techniques, the therapist will help release chronic patterns, “strip out” the muscle tissue, and provide deep relief. Work on specific areas or experience a deep full body therapy.

*For more sports related issues or injury focused work see our Sports Massage

  • 60 Minute $85
  • 90 Minute $115

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Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones are heated in water then lubricated with oil. The therapist massages your body using the stones while the heat penetrates deep into your muscles tissue inducing deep relaxation.

  • 60 Minute $95
  • 90 Minute $125

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage was practiced originally by Buddhist monks over 2000 years ago. Using principles of yoga and slow, gentle rocking movements, deep compressions and kneading is applied with thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees to harmonize the body, and life energy or chi. Thai massage adjusts skeletal structure, relieves muscle andjoint tension, stimulates internal organs, and increases flexibility. This treatment leaves you relaxed, yet energized and more flexible. Thai Massage is perfomed on a floor mat fully clothed. *Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

  • 60 Minute $80
  • 90 Minute $110

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Radiant Renewal Face & Scalp Treatment

A full refresher from the neck up! Using professional BioElements products this treatment will improve the tone and texture of skin. Begin with a relaxing face massage followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. A clay masque is applied to purge impurities and add nutrients to your skin. Follow that up with an equalizing toner, lip treatment, and hydrating moisturizer for relaxed and youthfully radiant skin. Then melt with a rosemary oil deep soothing scalp and neck massage. Your face and scalp will feel refreshed, clean, and vibrant!

  • 45 Minute $60

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Chinese Herbology Treatment

The ultimate treatment! DETOX. SCRUB. WRAP. MASSAGE. Fine granules of concentrated Chinese herbs are rubbed into the skin with a nourishing oil. Wrapped in warm linens, relax and enjoy a scalp and face massage. After we unwrap you from your cocoon, you are massaged with emollient juniper lotion as the herbs dissolve fully into your skin. You will be ready to continue the day relaxed, rejuvenated, and detoxified!

  • 75 Minute $100

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Rose Hip Rejuvenation

A relaxing detox wrap and massage. A brush exfoliation prepares the skin for absorption then seaweed gel is smoothed over the body and and then wrapped in a warm cocoon. Hydrating seaweed gel detoxifies and stimulates metabolism while infusions of Rose Hip Seed oil nourish, rejuvenate, and heal the skin. As you relax enjoy a warm stone facial massage. Seaweed is then massaged away with steamy towels and a nourishing juniper lotion is massaged over the body. Relaxing and detoxifying!

  • 60 Minute $90

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Citrus Body Polish

Gentle exfoliation with a citrus twist! Fine apricot seed powder gently removes dead skin cells while safflower seed oil moisturizes and botanical blends nourish the skin. Finish with a massage application of nourishing orange/patchouly/ylang-ylang lotion. Your skin will feel silky smooth, hydrated, and look vibrant!

  • 40 Minute $60

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Zen Chakra Balancing

The chakras are seven energy centers located in our body which correlate to the aura. By channeling the bodies energies the therapist will balance your chakras allowing the body to work at optimal levels, clearing the mind, and opening your intuition and heart. Unique Chakra Serums made from essential oils specified for each chakra are then gently massaged into each chakra area. Feelings of relaxation, serenity, and balance will encompass you.

  • 45 Minute $50

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This ancient art is the core of Chinese medicine. The acupuncturist will place fine sterile needles at specific points along the body. This activates the body’s Chi and promotes natural healing by recuperative power, immunity, and physical and emotional health. It is a safe and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems. And we promise….it doesn’t hurt. *Many insurance plans and flex spending plans cover all or a portion of Acupuncture services

  • 60 Minute with Full Consultation and Diagnoses: $80

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Reiki, is a powerful Japanese system of healing that dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. The word Reiki translates to Universal life force. Reiki is used to draw awareness to our energetic self. During a treatment practitioners focus on the 7 primary chakras/energy centers, by hovering their hands just above the body. Growing recently in popularity, Reiki is being used in hospitals such as Scripps Integrative Clinic here in San Diego.

  • 30 Minute $40
  • 60 Minute $75
  • 15 Minute add-on with any other service $20

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The goal of cupping therapy is to stimulate the movement of stagnate blood and chi through the use of suction and negative pressure. This promotes healthy circulation and healing by loosening soft and connective tissue as well as scarring and adhesion. This process pulls toxins and inflammation from the body to the surface of the skin where the lymphatic system can more readily eliminate them. The pulling action also engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body.

  • 30 Minute Consultation with treatment: $40

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Make the most of your visit with these add-on’s to any regular service.


Add onto any treatment

  • $10

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Add-On with any service

  • 15 Minute $20

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Add-On with any service

  • 15 Minute $25

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Deep Scalp Treatment

Add-On with any service. A relaxing scalp massage to relieve those tense head muscles with an application of Intensive Argan Oil and enhancements of essential oils. The specialty leave-in protector helps nourish your hair and scalp.  You’ll feel a new vibrancy with every treatment!

  • 15 Minute $20

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