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Sierra Flores


Certified Massage Therapist

I believe everyone deserves to feel in harmony and at home in their body. My purpose on this planet is to help people experience more freedom both physically and mentally. My love for healing and bodywork started from a young age and deepened as I restored my own mind-body connection.

I've been working in the wellness space as a mindfulness and movement coach since 2016 but decided to leave the corporate world in 2020 to pursue this work full time!

I pull from a variety of modalities and customize each experience to meet the client's needs. The techniques I incorporate most often are Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Stretch Therapy. I can deliver all of those styles and more at the desired level of pressure. My approach is slow, specific and deliberate.

I am an intentional massage practitioner with a mind-body approach and strong background in anatomy. My work is focused on reducing pain, increasing mobility long-term, amplifying body awareness and improving quality of life.

I'm very passionate about trauma informed approaches, somatic based healing, breathwork, meditation and creating inclusive experiences. I would love to serve you and hope to see you for a session soon!

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