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Reflexology is an ancient treatment that is rooted in Chinese medicine. Reflexology is a relaxing massage therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet and hands. Reflexology points connect to various organs and bodily systems. This treatment helps relieve stress by unblocking energy pathways in our bodies, which helps restore balance and harmony.

Massaging these body areas can positively affect the body by creating relaxation, improving circulation, and stimulating the nervous system. Reflexology therapy has been practiced for many years

Foot Reflexology Massage

A massage therapist begins by applying cream to your feet. Next, using different techniques, pressure will be applied to your feet, one foot at a time. This process might be repeated.

What to expect from the reflexology session?

A reflexology session will help you understand what's going on with your health and overall wellbeing. The therapist will use a lotion or cream during this treatment.  A smooth but forceful pressure is applied to specific points in your feet where you will find release and relief. 

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology has many potential health benefits such as:

●        Reduces stress and anxiety

●        Improved nerve functions

●        Boost immune system

●        Improves brain function

●        Increased blood circulation

●        Improved digestion

●        Boosts metabolism and energy levels

●        Correct hormonal imbalance

Reflexology Therapy
Pressure Points


It is advisable not to undergo reflexology massage session if you have:

  1. A chronic condition, such as diabetes or arthritis, or foot and knee problems.

  2. If you are recovering from an injured foot or have gout.

  3. If you are pregnant.

  4. If you have blood clots

Are you looking for Foot reflexology massage therapy in San Diego?

Our feet are essential to our overall health and well-being. Foot reflexology massage offered by Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center is a must-try. Our licensed professionals use traditional reflexology techniques to stimulate the energy channels. This service is available in San Diego, book your appointment now!

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