Covid 19 New Policies and Procedures


We have established these policies and procedures following the CDC requirements and will strictly adhere to them for client and staff safety. 


Symptomatic Clients

  • Please do not come into the center if you are symptomatic (fever, fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, aches or pains, nasal congestion in the past two weeks, or diarrhea in the last 30 days). 

  • You will be reminded of this requirement during the scheduling process.

  • You will receive a reminder regarding symptoms 24 hours prior to appointments and will be screened when entering the center on the day of your scheduled treatment.


Face Masks

  • Face masks are a requirement for everyone. No one will be allowed inside without a suitable face mask that completely covers the nose and mouth. 

  • Please arrive wearing a face mask. Cloth masks are suitable for patient/client use. 

  • A sign will be posted on the front door disclosing the face mask requirement.

  • Face masks must be worn by both patient/client and practitioner at all times during the treatment. 


Arrival Procedures

  • Please arrive exactly at your scheduled appointment time. Thank you for your patience with this request as we will use staggered arrivals to ensure social distancing. You will receive your full scheduled treatment time.

  • There will be no waiting or congregating in the reception area, you must wait outside.

  • Please wait in your car or quietly out front until notified to come in.   

  • Your practitioner will unlock the door at your scheduled appointment time to let you inside. Your practitioner will take your temperature as soon as you enter the center.

  • If your temperature is normal, a set of screening questions will be covered. If the answers are all negative you will be admitted inside.

  • You must use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering. It is available in the reception area right by the front door. Hand sanitizer is also available in every treatment room. 


Scheduling and Payment Procedures

  • Physical distancing will be enforced at the front desk. All scheduling will take place online, via telephone or text messaging. All payments will be made via credit card on file or pre-paid series. The admin staff will confirm a current credit card on file when scheduling.  Any gift certificate payments must be presented at the time of scheduling, prior to the appointment time.

  • Tips and gratuities will be collected post-session at the front desk using the credit card on file. 


New Center Policies

  • No additional persons are allowed to accompany you into the center at this time. 

  • There will be no waiting in the hallway to use the bathroom. A notification sign will be posted informing you to watch and wait from your treatment room until the bathroom is available.

  • The front desk will have tape on the floor marking off an area of no entry to maintain safe distancing for front desk staff.

  • Please maintain six feet of distance between yourself and anyone else you may come across inside the center as you make your way to and from your treatment room. 

  • Please no hugging or shaking hands.

  • Acupuncturists and massage therapists will not be treating any points on your face. 

  • New patients will receive a phone call the day before their appointment reminding them to complete the new client paperwork and enter a form of payment ONLINE. 


We are looking forward to seeing and caring for all of you again. If you have already left an email, text or voice mail to schedule, you will be hearing from us shortly. If you would like to schedule, please text or email us at and we will contact you. If we have canceled a previous appointment with you due to the COVID-19 quarantine we will contact you to reschedule. 


Thank you for your patience and support and let's move together towards our new normal!

The Practitioners and Staff of Bodhi Massage & Wellness Center