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Herbal Compress Balls

Chinese Herbology Treatment

Chinese Herbology treatment is sure to give you some feel-good vibes! It offers you detox, scrub, wrap, and massage and will not just make you look better but also feel good. It helps soothe our skin, relax our body, calm and balance our minds. Visit us to experience for yourself how we can help you detox from the stress of everyday life with Chinese Herbology Treatment at our spa!

What to expect from Chinese Herbology treatment

First, our Chinese herbs are finely crushed into granules and gently rubbed into your skin. Next, we wrap you up in warm linens to help your body fully absorb the herbs. You will then receive a scalp massage to improve blood circulation, followed by a facial massage. You can then enjoy our juniper-based emollient lotion treatment, which gets done to detoxify the body by improving the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Benefits of Chinese Herbology treatment:

Chinese herbs can help a lot of people. The following are the benefits of it:

● Removes toxins
● Helps relax and rejuvenate
● Reduces stress
● Improves skin texture
● Makes your skin glow
● Improves blood circulation and overall wellness

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine


Though the treatment is very safe and effective, it is best to use it carefully. The
treatment is not practical for patients with underlying medical conditions or allergies to
the herbs used. Please talk to your massage therapist before you start with the

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