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Upper Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Ready for a deep tissue massage? Bodhi Massage in San Diego specializes in Deep Tissue Massage. Our team of skilled and dedicated therapists uses firm pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle in the body. This massage therapy helps ease tension and reduce pain, increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body, giving you a holistic experience that benefits your health mentally and physically.

What does a deep tissue massage look like?

The massage therapist will meet with you first to discuss your areas of concern.  This therapeutic massage approach releases the knots formed in the afflicted muscle groups. People usually need additional treatments to see improvements in the regions that have been affected by prolonged repetitive injury.

Benefits of a deep tissue massage:

A deep-tissue massage aims to relieve specific aches and pains. Always talk with the therapist before their massage begins so that you can set clear expectations regarding the treatment plan. Following are the essential benefits of deep tissue massage:

●       Decrease stress and tension

●       Reduce inflammation

●       Lessen aches and pains

●       Encourage healing

●       Increase flexibility

●       Relaxation

Back Massage
Back Massage


If you want to get the most out of a deep tissue massage, always make sure to do the following:

●       Talk with your massage therapist before you start the massage session to make the therapist aware of any medical condition you may have

●       Hydrate

●       Don't work out too soon after a deep tissue massage

●       You can work harder and stay pain-free if you schedule a deep tissue massage every two weeks.

The unforgettable experience begins here.

Your ticket to happiness is only moments away. Please book an appointment at our San Diego massage spa today!

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