Woman Applying Eye Cream

Radiant Renewal Face and Scalp Treatment

Radiant Renewal Face and Scalp Treatment is a unique treatment that gives our
clients the ultimate facial relaxation and smoothness. Your face will be thoroughly
cleansed, rid of dull bumps and impurities that you may have allowed to build upon your skin over time.
Our rejuvenating facial treatment includes an enzymatic exfoliation, a concentrated
mask tailored to suit you, and the ultimate in relaxation. This luxurious facial will leave you looking fresh and renewed.

What to Expect From Radiant Renewal Face and Scalp Treatment

For this facial treatment, you will receive a rejuvenating scrub and scalp massage and a deep cleansing to help rid your face of excess oil and impurities. The hair on the top of your head and the back of your neck will receive the same treatment as the rest of your scalp.

We assure you that you’ll be relaxed after this treatment while feeling pampered.